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Our Essentials courses provide the foundation needed for any  successful multifamily training program. These courses are a must-have–designed to eliminate confusion and provide the fundamental skills needed to set your employees up for success. All Edge2Learn clients have access to this collection of courses, but we highly recommend exploring our optional Electives course bundles as well.

With the Edge2Learn Essentials course catalog, you can elevate your training program beyond mere compliance requirements. From hands-on maintenance and basic multifamily skills to advanced leasing, conflict resolution and industry hot topics, our comprehensive catalog offers a diverse range of courses to suit your team's unique needs. By providing a strong foundation, the Essentials courses ensure the success of your training program.

Browse through the categories below for more details. Each category will display the related courses with full descriptions and course lengths.

Understand the financial aspect of the property management business.
Change Management
Adapt to community, industry and even personal changes, both large and small, and come back stronger than ever.
Find information on legal implications and business practice adjustments, including new ways to operate.
Customer Service
Gain the skills needed to interact positively with customers throughout the resident’s lifecycle.
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Create a culture where everyone is welcomed and valued.
Fair Housing
Bring federal Fair Housing laws down to earth with practical explanations and real-life scenarios. TDHCA and DPOR approved.
Human Resources
Give hiring managers the skills they need to recruit, hire and manage team members throughout their employment.
Build your talent bench for the next wave of leaders and help current leaders advance their skills.
Learning Administration
Find how-to information to make the most of your Edge2Learn library and build progressive, individualized learning for all team members.
Expand and enhance sales and marketing skills to build your team into leasing superstars.
Legal Issues
Build a culture of integrity and compliance by understanding a variety of legal issues that impact multifamily.
Equip your maintenance teams to care for your properties effectively and within budget.
Create marketing strategies and messages that resonate with your customers’ wants and needs, and leverage traditional channels as well as digital marketing.
Mental Health & Wellness
Elevate on-the-job performance by improving team member's mental health and wellness.
People Skills
Improve interpersonal skills to improve relationships with fellow team members and customers.
Personal Growth
Help team members accelerate their personal growth so they can bring their best selves to work.
Risk Management
Prepare for the unexpected to protect your people and properties.
Help your teams stay safe on the job with property management-specific safety training.
Sexual Harassment
Meet compliance requirements and learn practical strategies for preventing harassing behavior and addressing in the workplace.
Workplace Savvy
Practice and master professional skills to drive performance in your team.