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Enhance your training experience with Edge2Learn's Electives training bundles that go beyond the fundamentals! Create an engaging and significant learning journey for your participants, whether you are focused on advanced leadership, improved sales expertise, or tax credit compliance. The Electives bundles empower you to construct a tailor-made training curriculum.

Each organization has a distinct framework, which means their training program needs to be equally unique. As your business needs change, your training program can easily adapt to meet the needs of your growing organization.  The Electives course bundles enhance safety, maintenance, and risk management, so your organization can optimize performance and achieve its goals. 

Browse through the categories below for more details. Each category will display the related courses with full descriptions and course lengths.

Bed Bug Awareness
Learn how to identify these pests, along with prevention, remediation, and how to handle residents' questions.
Build your talent bench for the next wave of leaders and help current leaders advance their skills.
Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC)
Demystify complicated tax credit program rules to ensure your properties stay in compliance.
Performance Based Training (PBT)
Use these quick refreshers for key skill areas when performance needs a boost.
Risk Management
Prepare for the unexpected to protect your people and properties.
Safety Series
Help your teams stay safe on the job with property management-specific safety training.